ACC Trigger 4 Plus Wireless Switches

TRIGGER 4 PLUS Wireless Accessories Controller from AAC Brands

October 8, 2018

The innovative TRIGGER 4 Wireless Accessories Controller from Advanced Accessory Concepts (AAC Brands) was one of the most talked about new products at SEMA last year. Eliminating the need to run wires under the vehicle dash or through the firewall, the original TRIGGER 4 answered the call for a powerful, yet user-friendly wireless accessories controller that delivered the reliability required to power the industry’s growing demand for better and brighter LED lights and other electrical accessories, especially in the off-road segment.

Quickly following up on the successful launch of the six channel TRIGGER 6 SHOOTER controller last spring, AAC Brands has introduced the next phase of its flagship TRIGGER 4 PLUS. The TRIGGER 4 PLUS is the result of research and development that comes directly from customer feedback, as well as new features first pioneered in its big brother, the TRIGGER 6 SHOOTER.  

Trigger 6 wireless accessories switches

The new TRIGGER 4 PLUS delivers a high-quality, cost-effective solution for controlling aftermarket lighting, e-lockers, race radios, whips, cooling fans, even compressor systems when installed with the optional relay kit. Quickly and easily upgrade and simplify wiring your 12-to-24-volt accessories, plus control them all with the full rocker RF Remote and optional Bluetooth-connected TRIGGER ACS Plus mobile app. New to the TRIGGER 4 PLUS kit is a DIN connector for manual control with conventional toggle switches (harness sold separately).

The TRIGGER 4 PLUS’s four solid state channels—including two 30-amp and two 10-amp fused circuits — accommodate up to four accessories. The newly-designed RF Remote is sleek and portable, allowing complete control of accessories such as LED Lights from outside the vehicle, up to 20 feet away. The universal magnetic mount allows for flexible mounting locations throughout the vehicle. When mounted to the roll bar of a UTV, for example, the RF Remote buttons are easier to reach compared to dash switches.

Wireless automotive switches

The complete TRIGGER 4 PLUS package also includes all necessary wiring harnesses, mounting and wiring accessories, and a decal sheet for specific switch identification. 

The functionality of the TRIGGER 4 PLUS can also be expanded with several add-on accessories from Advanced Accessory Concepts, including under-hood mounting brackets for Jeep JK, the Trigger ONE, individual 30-amp Bluetooth relay, TRIGGER VOLT Bluetooth Battery Voltage Monitor, JK/JL Jeep Wrangler overhead remote mounts, 6- and 36-inch 12-gauge Y-harnesses, 8-foot M/F extension, and connector kit. Several Trigger control boxes and remotes can be used together to control up to 24 accessories.

Trigger 4 jeep switches

Users who download the free TRIGGER ACS Plus app open up even more possibilities for their TRIGGER 4 PLUS Wireless Accessory Controller. The mobile app allows users to control power to all circuits, set circuits to standard toggle or momentary switch functions, and more.

ACC trigger wireless switches iPhone app

Additional features and details for the TRIGGER 4 PLUS include:

TRIGGER 4 PLUS Control Box 

  • Four solid state channels; two 30-amp, and two 10-amp circuits 
  • 12-to 24-volt input/output
  • Waterproof connectors on outputs
  • Manual control buttons for on/off on top of case 
  • Built-in DIN connector for manual control with conventional toggle switches (harness sold separately) 
  • Fuses built in
  • Waterproof cover case withstands temperatures as high as 250 degrees and as low as below freezing
  • LEDs indicate when the relay is on (blue), and if the fuse is blown (red) 
  • Three-wire connection to vehicle: ground, switched positive and battery positive 


  • Usable inside or outside the vehicle.
  • 2.4 ghz RF connection to the control box
  • Custom switch labels included 
  • Weatherproof design

TRIGGER ACS Plus Mobile App

  • Bluetooth control from iOS and Android phone and tablets
  • Simple interface for turning on and off the four channels
  • Allows customized names for each channel
  • App allows for dimming, strobe, on and off functions
  • Circuits are user-selectable between toggle and momentarily

TRIGGER 4 PLUS Harnesses

  • Kit includes four 8-foot wire harnesses—two 12-gauge and two 14-gauge — with the waterproof mating connector to the control box on one end and bare wires on the other
  • Harnesses include sturdy, abrasion resistant vinyl shrouds

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